Welcome To Chico's Adventures!

Welcome To Chico's Adventures!

Kids, are you scared about going to the doctor's office, the dentist's office or the hospital?

No problem! Your friend Chico was scared too! Read along and see how he conquered his fears just like you can!

Afraid of the dentist? NO PROBLEM!

Doctors, nurses and all their kind staff are happy to see you and to help you!

 Rave reviews from the Dental field:

"This story does an amazing job at portraying a child's first visit to the dentist through the very cute eyes of Chico! Every parent should read this story to their young children to help them understand how easy and fun dentistry can be. I look forward to more Chico Experiences!"

Dr Karin Van Ryswyk D.D.S

"It's time for Chico's first visit to the dentist! This informative and educational story is easy to read and understand. Chico and his mom will help your prepare your child and desensitize them before coming to the office. A definite recommend for parents of young children!"

Dr. Raymond Lee, Paediatric Dentist

"A must read for children and their parents beginning their journey as patients in a dental office."

Dr. David R. Farkouh, Paediatric Dentist