About The Author

About The Author

The Author Jen Dafoe

Since she was a child, Jen Dafoe experienced ongoing visits to health care facilities for treatment of a variety of health issues. These multiple visits taught Jen to persevere, to be patient and to try to face the challenges of treatment and operations with optimisim and to become more knowledgeable about her procedures and what impact they might have both on her physicial and emotional well-being.

Jen believes that the more knowledge you have, the more you are able to better understand "what it's all about" and that helps reduce stress and anxiety when going to the hospital, dentist or other health care professional.

During her own appointments, Jen noticed that many children were experiencing similar anxiety and stress isssues as she was. She decided that a series of easy to read story books for children and their parents on how to reduce stress and fear of upcoming medical procedures would be helpful.

Jen did extensive research and had personal consultations with leading health experts to ensure her information was current, correct, easy to understand and would be helpful to parents and children. She received extensive support from many health professionals who indicated that this basic information would help parents reduce their child's stress when facing any medical appointment or procedure.

The first in this series "Chico's First Trip to the Dentist", features Chico, a lovable little puppy, and his visit to the dentist. Future publications will feature Chico's trip to the emergency room at the hospital, an appointment with the eye-doctor and other trips to health care providers necessary to keep children
(and puppies!) healthy and happy!


Jen Dafoe